Raise Cash by Selling Your Car

There are times when you need to raise cash for a particular expense, such as remodeling your house, or adding to the kid's college fund, or even to buy that dream car you've been lusting after in high school. If you have more than one car, or a spare car, here are a few tips for selling your car that can turn that asset sitting in your garage into cash.

There are many tips for selling your car, but one you will always get is to clean your car inside and out. You will only have one chance to impress a prospective buyer and buyers that see a spotless car in front of them will always get the initial impression that the car was well-cared for. Getting a car clean takes just a few dollars worth of cleaning aids and three or four hours of your time. When you clean your car inside out, go through the nooks and crannies too as a meticulous buyer may check to see if the cleanup job was wonderful. Or you can have your car professionally detailed, but only you can determine if the cost is appropriate to the value of the car you are selling.

Making your car presentable also means that you should check your car mechanically so that it runs as smoothly as possible. A good tip for selling your car is to change the oil before you put it up for sale. That way the oil will still look fresh without looking like it was replaced just because the car is being sold. Have a friend or mechanic ride with you to listen for squeaks or noises that you may not notice other due to familiarity but which will irritate a prospective buyer. Raise the car on a lift and check if things like muffler hangers are missing or if there are torn joint boots. Repairing these will not cost much but indicate a high level of care. However, if there is a need for a repair that will cost substantially, you will have to decide if you will sell the car as or do the repair to get the best price. But bear in mind that lots of buyers will be turned off if a car needs some fundamental repair.

Only when the car is spotlessly clean and mechanically sound should you take pictures or even videos of the car for posting to online sites and forums. Your pricing should reflect the mileage and overall condition of the car. It is best to gauge your car's price, not necessarily its worth as you think it should be, based on the price range of the same model of cars in your area. One tip for selling your car is determining whether you need to sell fast or can hold out for a better price.

And just because you have a sale that has been concluded does not mean that you can relax. Be on your guard for scams and if the buyer ins on paying by check, hold on to the car until the check clears. One important tip in selling your car is to register the change of ownership of the vehicle with the relevant transport authority as soon as possible. In case it becomes involved in an accident or other incident, you can show proof that that was not yours anymore when that car was involved.