Randall George Lynch Box MTS Series Tube Amplifier Review and Features

Randall Lynch Box

Randall MTS Lynch Box is based on the Randall RM100 Tube Series Technology, Randall’s powerful MTS Module tube amplifier. George Lynch and Randall have come up with one of the best Randall amplifiers that was introduced over and over again in many advertisements, websites, positive reviews and comments about the Lynch Box. I am simply raving about the George Lynch MTS Signature Series “Lynch Box”. This might be news to your ears but do not get bored with my introduction for I am just starting to warm up your knowledge about this powerful machine and what it can do in this music gear review. Production of this Randall Lynch Box started in the year 2006. The head and matching 4×12 cabinet is covered in simulated green reptilian lizard skin tolex, matching the head and cab together. Inside the beast is a monstrous 100-watt poweramp that is all tube with adjustable pre amps. It is considered to be outrageously versatile because its settings are created to be biasing from classical melodies to modern musical rock. This amplifier consists of three channels of modules that are independent to one another.

The amp head has switches at the head and also including a remote foot switch via midi that is perfectly quiet. On the front portion are the parallel effects loops with level dial effects. This amplifier is only created for a powerful and loud sound music play so you will not see any headphone jack. Another interesting feature about this amp and one which you will truly love is its module which contains controls in adjusting the mid, bass, gain, treble, bright switch and level that controls the general output signal. From a range of 0 to 100 percent of is master volume, break up of its power amp tube can occur. Doing some mixing combinations for each of the three channel modules is also eminent, adjusting the sound settings to how you want it. And simply use the heavy constructed footswitch channel selector to choose your poison.

The front portion of the head consists of more options such as the master presence, master volume, level of effects and master density. The latter one is a very amazing feature because it is capable of thickening any thin sound of your guitar or even brightens any dull sound that comes out of your guitar strumming and plucking. When it comes to sound production quality, just name any music genre and it all perfectly goes out of the box smoothly. George has came up with a huge cabinet design with the exact specifications to produce a thick smooth sounding, mid-range and highly defined.

This extremely huge and over sized cabinet is constructed manually combining a birch plywood that is void-free and a fiberboard (of high density) for a firm tone projection. Still looking for something more than this one? Well, I tell you there is no more much greater than the power of this one. If you always go for a loud sound anywhere, if your choice always go for hard rocking guitar riffing or metal jamming, then there is no need for hesitation. Always choose what is best for your taste and lifestyle. You can and you will never go wrong with this one. George Lynch’s Randall Lynch Box Guitar amplifier will boost the music power with in you so what are you waiting for? Check out the perfect online music traders where you can purchase right away this magnificent power amp. They will make delivery easier for you and for sure you will enjoy it throughout your lifetime.

George Lynch MTS Series Preamps:

Super V: Clean module with low bottom end

Mr. Scary: Classic Lynch heavy rhythm lead tone

Grail: Thick lower mid-range for modern lead tone

Brahma: Hi-gain tone for Lynch’s classic rhythm sound