Random Camera Accessories

Combined exposure meter
– Professional exposure meters can measure flash as well as ambient light and accept a range of accessories.

Spot meter
– For the most precise measurement of light a hand-held spot meter is needed.

Simple meter
– A simple exposure meter is excellent for checking camera performance and in teaching you to judge lighting by eye.

3-D tripod head
– For the flexible control of a heavy camera, a tripod head that adjusts in three directions is best.

Ball-and-socket head
– Compact and lightweight, this type of tripod head is ideal for travel photography.

– Although often bulky and heavy, a tripod is simply the best way to ensure that images are free from camera shake. Carbon-fibre models are expensive but lighter than metal types.

Large camera bag
– Traditional-style bags or backpack designs are useful for carrying and organizing your equipment.

Small camera bag
– Smaller bags are useful for compact cameras and also for accessories, such as memory cards, cables, and disks.

Waterproof housing
– Digital cameras are ideal for taking underwater – inexpensive plastic housings let you take your camera snorkeling. Camera housings are also ideal for particularly dusty conditions, such as industrial sites and deserts.

Mobile storage
– When the camera's memory card is full, unload images onto a mobile hard-disk and carry on shooting.

Battery pack
– A digital camera's total reliance on battery power means that it is prudent to have back-up power sources – these can improve flash and camera performance.