Range Cookers Vs Normal Cookers

Range cookers are coming in different sizes and capacities. Larger size of range cooker can perform many operations at the same time. The size of range cookers varies between 90 cm to 150 cm. Having a range cooker in home is equal to having oven, dual grill, burner stove, griddle and rotisserie. The normal cookers can’t perform all these operations at a time.

Most of the range cookers are having two ovens, a larger one having 50-75 litres capacity and the smaller one having 20-35 litres capacity. It’s coming with inbuilt fan for cooling the baked foods. The capacity of the normal cooker is very less, ranges between 3.5 litres to 4.5 litres.

The larger size range cookers are having drawers at the bottom to store the cooked food. It is simply used as hotbox, which keeps the food hot for longer period of time. The normal cooker can also perform this function.

Automatic ignition facility is available with range cookers. The burner ignites automatically when the burner knob is on position. It is more convenient from the safety point of view. In case of normal cookers we need to ignite the burner when it is turned on.

Most of the range cookers are having the drop down doors. The size of this drop down door should be at optimum level, larger is size can cause some problems to peoples having back pain complaint. Primary problem in range cooker is the drop down door, so you need to take care of this problem when purchasing a range cooker. No need to take care while going for normal cookers. It doesn’t have this problem.

Warming drawers are used to keep the prepared food warm before going to serve. It is also used to give uniform heat to the food. Sometimes, it can be used for baking purposes. Normal cookers don’t have this warming drawer. You can use the range cookers in two ways, first function is manual usage and the next one is preprogrammed function. Manual operations initially take some time to start. In the case of programmed operation it can operate itself automatically.

Normal cookers are also having this programming operation but it can perform complicated programs. Thermostat indicator is present in the range cooker to control the heat level within the system. Thermostat indicators will automatically switch off the system when it senses the high level of heat inside the system. Normal cooker cannot perform this operation due to the unavailability of the thermostat indicator. Countdown time sounds an alarm when the cooking time is up. It helps to manage the time without loss of energy. This facility is available with the normal cookers also.

All the range cookers are having adjustable legs. You can use the range cookers even at an uneven surface. These legs are also used to change the height of the cooker. Normal cookers do not have that facility. It’s an important criterion when looking from consumer point of view, so you need to take care of this while going for purchasing the cookers.

Dual fuel range cooker consumes the natural gas from the mains. If the main gas supply is off then it can use LPG bottles gas. This operation would be done by a qualified engineer. Some range cooker can perform these all operations using an electric external source.

It’s easier to take food from the oven by pulling the shelf out from the chamber. Non-tip shelves present at the chamber prevent the shelf from leaving the chamber and spilling food on the floor. Childproof locking facility prevents the system from accidental switch on. You need to press a button, or combination of buttons, to switch on the system.