Rapidly Increase Your Lean Muscle Bulk

In our desperation and impatience to increase our muscle mass, most of us have at one time or the other, tried one or more of the many pills or drinks that promise to make us stronger. We certainly have tried numerous bodybuilding regimens and adopted varied advice from bodybuilding magazines or experts.

No doubt, many of us have found that these pills and bodybuilding programs have not exactly delivered on what they promised. The reason is more often than not, they are bogus. Fact is almost all bodybuilding publications are run by fitness establishments. And they often keep genuine bodybuilding secrets from you to keep you patronizing their businesses. In fact, you do not need any extra supplements or adopt any bogus exercise routine to significantly increase your muscle mass.

Many of us are not aware that we increase our muscle by exposing them to as much stress as they can endure. In the process, they tear and are broken down. As they recover, they grow and tougher than they previously were. One thing you can also do to quickly grow your muscles is to improve your testosterone levels. You should be well aware that the recovery period following your workout is the most critical period of muscle building; you should try to plan your workout routine such that your muscles take a shorter time to recover. This way, more muscle grows, and you can easily increase your muscle mass.

This may seem simple and very straightforward. But it often is not. Ensure that you do exercising at the appropriate period of the day and some particular exercises should not be done for excessively long periods so as to optimize your testosterone productions. Overworking your muscles would lead to a fall in testosterone production, and muscles would not grow much during recovery.

The rate at which you acquire muscles also depends on the quality of your diet and how appropriately you eat.