Re-Roofing or A New Roof

Re-roofing is the process of making repairs or adding a second layer to a roof rather than replacing the current one present. It is an option for many homes. However, before you make the decision to go with this lower costing solution, consider whether it is the right option for your home. In many cases, over the short and the long-term, replacing the current system with a new one makes better sense. It could even save you a significant amount of money in the long-term.

What Factors Matter?

When considering whether or not re-roofing is an acceptable option for your needs, consider the current condition of the roof system. This system includes not only the shingles but also the decking and underlayment. These components add the structure and durability to this one system in your home that affects every other one. Without a quality roof, your home is at risk. It is best to have a professional inspect the current system to determine the actual condition and to look for signs of significant damage to the structure.

The biggest factors that will hold you back from making repairs instead of replacing the entire system include bad decking and a very poor condition to the overall shingles. Additionally, if it has too many layers already (usually only a few are acceptable) this may warrant replacement as well. If the structure is old, the new shingles may not be compatible with the existing ones. Replacement, then, may be the best option.

Getting an Estimate

To find out what your options are, talk to a local roofing company. The company should not give you an estimate or quote for service without getting a thorough investigation and inspection of the structure. It is critical to look at the decking and underlayment to ensure its condition overall. It is essential for the technician to climb up onto the structure, assuming it is safe to do so, and to look for any concerns or holes. Additionally, if there is access to the attic of the home, the technician should also inspect the underside of the roof for any concerns or signs of significant damage. Once this is done, an accurate estimate of the services necessary can be provided to you.

Re-roofing is often an option. However, without a thorough inspection, you can not know the actual condition of your home. It is best to turn to a professional to ask for guidance and information about the current condition of your home's most important structure. Then, make a decision based on facts about the actual steps you need to take to get your home's roof back in shape. Keep in mind that the roof's condition adds or takes away value from the home.