Real Estate in Dominican Republic Has not Been the Same Since Francis Drake

Dominican republic condos can take advantage of Santo Domingo's vibrant cultural legacy. The largest city in the Caribbean, the capital city of the Dominican Republic was founded by Bartholomew Columbus in 1469, and is the oldest European settlement in the Americas. As a result, this city of two million people is filled with museums and architectural monuments found somewhere else in the Caribbean.

Fortaleza Ozama, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a 16th Century castle that traditionally guarded the entrance to the port of Santo Domingo. Although just a short flight from Miami, New York or Toronto, this fort is a rare remnant of medieval architecture in the New World, and its sturdy stone walls will transport visitors back in time.

Alcázar de Colón, in the historic center of Santo Domingo's Zona Colonial, will celebrate its 500th anniversary in 2012, and is the oldest government buildings in the Western Hemisphere. Established by Diego Colon, son of Christopher Columbus, Alcázar de Colón served as the administrative center of the early Spanish Empire in the New World, and it was from here that the request of the Americas was plotted and organized. The mansion was even sacked by Sir Francis Drake in 1586.

The Cathedral of Santa María la Menor in Santo Domingo is the oldest cathedral in the Americas. The church features a coral and limestone façade, and glows a deep golden color in the sunset. Built in 1540, the Gothic and Baroque architecture of Santo Domingo's Cathedral is one of the chief tourist attractions in the Caribbean. The cathedral was used by Sir Francis Drake as his base while he sacked Santo Domingo, paving the way for the reign of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Real estate in Dominican Republic has never been the same since.

Many other colonial landmarks and architecture can be found in Santo Domingo's "Zona Colonial", or colonial quarter. Cobblestone streets are specifically reserved as pedestrian areas, making traversing the various historical sites easy for visitors to do.