Realistic Pencil Drawings

Pencil art drawings have been circuiting the scene since art's conceptual birth.

From cartoons to architecture, it's as flexible as a rubber band and we never stop to be amazed at pencil art drawings. The trending art topic at the moment is realistic pencil drawings. Hyper-realistic pencil drawings have emerged as a label that realistic pencil drawings encompass.

There are artists who are currently producing phenomenal pencil sketch creations that look even more real than a photograph. This may seem like a lofty ideal for many, this article explores the concept of how to create exceptional drawing sketches by embracing the creative penchants unique to each artist (and aspiring artist).

Top tips for cultivating an inner wealth of drawing inspiration:

· Keep a journal, they are your inspiration base station! It does not matter where you are or what you are with, your journal will always afford you with inspiration for your drawing sketches at your fingertips. Whatever your muse, you can whip out your diary of creative stimuli and enjoy some sketching. Having a book of open pages with you is an exceptional way to encourage practice. They can be your private pages or for everyone to see. In this way, you will easily cultivate your own artist's style and begin drawing sketches and pencil art drawings with confidence.

· "You are your greatest masterpiece"

Create a vision board. This can be a virtual or physical vision board. A vision board can be a collection of your most inspirational finds. You can create a collage or flow chart, glue or 'cut and paste'. Whether you are drawing from photographs or life, you can even create a vision board of all your favorite drawings you have done. Use these as encouragement for how you are choosing your drawings to look like. Keep this vision board in an easily visible place.

·. "Every child is an artist and every artist, a child."

Discover what makes you feel your heartbeat drumming through your body. What is it like to feel your heart's rhythmic reverberation through your body? Rediscover what makes you excited. By remembering what ignited you as a child and exploring it with your adult self, simple artwork can obtain a whole new shade of brilliance.

Photographs can be a great resource. Some of the hyper-realistic drawings mentioned earlier surpass even photographs in their realism. There are some artists who understand how to encapsulate life in a pencil sketch, producing astounding artwork. Dirk Dzimirksy is one such man, drawing from photographs or simply sketching, he composes beautiful realistic pencil drawings.

To summarize the magic of creating these kind of pencil art drawings:

· In the German artist's words, the key to these life-like renditions is in the harmonious interplay of light and shadow.

· Nothing is overlooked, small details like a liquid in the eye reflecting a speck of shaped light.

· The use of multiple layers is employed to get the desired effect. Dzimirksy reveals his way is to unearth what drawing is already present. By adding many layers with connecting dots, lines and marks he scratches at the surface uncovering that revealing the pencil sketch.

· Shift your perspective, instead of drawing from photographs, how about looking at it in the sense that you are creating your own photographs. Your eyes are the lens and your hands and the pencils are joining in a collaboration to print.

· Dzimirsky understands a collective approach, holistically engaging all of the senses when you look at his work. He draws not just to make a picture; they are to make visible the multi dimensional spheres of the human spirit.

Go out (or inside) and see your inspiration. Open a fresh page, breathe, and begin drawing. Smile, sing, or frown and purse your lips.

Just do it with your heart, and do it fully.