Reasons for Choosing Unfinished Hardwood Floor

There are a lot of advantages to using today's laminate or pre-finished hardwood floors, because they make the job much quicker and easier. However, there are times when people want to start with unfinished hardwood floor materials in order to create their own custom floors. It may be that they want a color they just can not find commercially, or it could be because they want to make sure that the floor will hold up to the traffic and use it will get in their home. Whatever the reason, unfinished flooring is still available, even in this hurry-up-and-finish world we live in.

If you've scoured the local home improvement and flooring stores and still have not been able to find a color that you feel will look best in your home, unfinished hardwoods could be the answer you're looking for. They give you the opportunity to choose or mix a stain color to any shade you would like. Choosing a rich grain and a darker stain will lend elegance to any room. Lighter colors will lighten up the space and make it seem larger. Designer colors, such as woodrose, deep ocean blue, or mustard yellow, can give your room all of the pizazz of carpeting along with the elegant durability of hardwood flooring.

One of the things that impressed me negatively about my daughter's laminate floor was that it was not very scratch-resistant. Even though they do not actually use that room in their home, the kids still run through it, the front entryway opens into it, and it's a temptation space for children to play with their toys. They have lived in their home for six years now, and the floor is scratched to the point that if they finally decide to use the space for a formal living room as it was intended, they're going to have to replace the flooring first. By purchasing unfinished wood, you will be able to make it as durable as you want by using multiple coats of polyurethane varnish, and you will not run into the scratching problem other types of floors can give you.

Although unfinished hardwood floors are not as easy to get up and running as other kinds of flooring, it is a good option when you want to give your floors some kind of special treatment. If you want floors that are beautiful, unique, and long-lasting, unfinished hardwood may be the place to start looking.