Reasons for Staircase Collapse

Many people consider their homes or office buildings to be places that are safe from forces that may cause injury. However, these structures can cause their own problems when integral parts become unreliable and fail to function as intended. One of the most dangerous situations that can arise in a building is  staircase  collapse. It is a scenario that is often forgotten, although they are unpredictable and can lead to devastating personal injury.

There are many errors or moments of negligence that can lead to  staircase  collapse, including:

  • Design Errors- If the building is poorly designed or safety regulations are disregarded, the  staircase  may be susceptible to flaws that can lead to collapse.
  • Construction Errors- Mistakes made during this period may result in an unstable  staircase  or a support system that is unsound.
  • Inspection Errors- It is the job of the building inspector to ensure that design and construction were carried out correctly and that the building is up to safety codes. If this job is disregarded, the integrity of the building may be questionable, but occupants or businesses will remain uninformed, resulting in the potential for serious injuries.
  • Repair Errors- When a building is in need of repair, the professional in charge of overseeing and completing the task is responsible for ensuring that the structure returns to or remains in good condition. Any errors in this process can lead to instability and  staircase  collapse.
  • Owner Negligence- Overloading  staircases  or failure to acknowledge potential structural problems can lead to the injury of the owner or other individuals in the building.