Reasons to Choose Engineered Wood Flooring

There are so many great reasons you may want to choose engineered oak wood flooring over solid wood floors. Today more home owners are choosing engineered wood floors due to them being made with a top layer of solid and natural wood to enjoy the characteristics, while having a number of layers below, which are bonded together to give this flooring option the strength, durability and stability you want in your home when walking on your new floor.

The first reason you may want to choose engineered wood flooring oak is that it looks and is completely natural. The top layer is natural wood, which means you get the grain, all the characteristics you would get with a solid wood floor, of course the benefit is that the engineered options are slightly cheaper than the solid wood floors, which enables you to complete your flooring project within your budget.

Next you will find these floors are exceptionally easy to clean, another reason why they are such a top choice. Simply sweep and then mop the floor to keep it clean and fresh. When you receive your flooring, you will receive care instructions on what you should and shouldn’t do to keep your new floor looking as new for years to come.

If you or anyone in your family suffers with allergies, then the engineered wood flooring oak is a fantastic choice to help keep allergies at bay. Carpets are dust traps and unless you professionally clean your carpets on a semi-regular basis, even a regular amount of vacuuming will not keep them clean. The vacuum can only clean the top layers of the carpet, but the dust and dirt gets deep into the fibres which can set off allergies. This is a problem you don’t need to worry about when choosing wood, when the floor looks a little dusty, simply give it a mop to remove the dust and keep your home free of allergens.

It provides a beautiful visual impact in any room in the home. The benefit to the engineered wood flooring in oak is that you can use it in any room in the home, including the basement. This flooring is resistant to temperature change and is the only flooring which can be installed over concrete to give that warmth and visual impact you are looking to achieve.

Wood has the ability to make any room look warmer and more welcoming. With the engineered wood flooring oak being a layer of natural wood before the sub layers, you are able to create the warmth and welcoming atmosphere you want to achieve with ease and confidence. Choose a wood you know will be versatile, so as you change the design of the room over time, the flooring will still remain a top visual highlight.

Of course when it comes to using wood in the home, taking advantage of the knots and natural grain of the wood, you automatically add character to the space. Even in a modern home, you can add some character to your rooms by using the wood flooring options, creating your own space where you feel comfortable and that you know provides a great impact when guests walk into your home in the future.

Comfort is the final reason why you should consider engineered wood flooring in oak. This wood looks spectacular in modern and traditional homes, it adds character, but it is also very comfortable to walk on, ensuring you enjoy your home each and every day.