Reclaimed Beam

Reclaimed beam, also called reclaimed lumber, is high in demand, especially for remodeling projects, house restoration, interiors, flooring and more. In layman's terms, it's the used wood that can be bought for re-use in another form. The used-wood is available in different shapes, sizes, and conditions. Since the wood is old, it has a unique appearance and texture, and also it's valued for its strength, durability, and stability. Also, the reclaimed wood has been exposed to changes in humidity for a long time, making it more stable compared to new wood. Factories; old barns; buildings that are torn-down; bridges; boxes; and more serve as the source from where used wood can be procured.

These days, most of the people are going green and this is driving the high demand for reclaimed beam since it is not harvested wood, and is completely eco-friendly. Also, the use of reclaimed lumber enhances the aesthetic appeal of any location whether it is the living room, the complete house, or office space. However, one needs to be careful while buying old wood. There are many companies that sell new wood in the name of old. It's a good idea to buy used wood from places that are very well known, and also that sell FSC certified wood.

One must ask questions about the source of the reclaimed beam and check wherever it's really unique as claimed by the seller. Also, one must make sure that it does not come from toxic plants. Plus, it's better to not buy used wood that has been treated with lead based paint. There are many reclaimed lumber that has nail holes. It does not affect the strength of the beam but may enhance or diminish the aesthetic value. Antique commodities have their own aura and it's no different when it comes to reclaimed lumber.