Reclaimed Flooring – Preserve the Ecosystem

Flooring is a crucial part of making a house habitable. In today's environment-conscious society, eco-friendly features at home can prove to be an excellent selling point. Installing reclaimed flooring is an inexpensive way to do just that, as well as adding elegance and an old-time charm to your home.

There are dealers who salvage wood from demolition sites, vintage homes, dismounted warehouses, lumber mills and wooden bridges to make a variety of floor coverings. Wood from such old buildings can yield quality boards of impressive sizes. However, the availability of specific wood type depends on the dealer's ability to locate it and therefore, supply can fluctuate. Purchase such wood only from a reputed online source to ensure that you get the best deal.

Why Reclaimed Flooring?

Wood floors have been proven by many doctors as a healthy choice and as a cure for spinal and joint pain; as wood is easier on feet and legs. Reclaimed flooring can provide all the benefits of wood, including saving energy and your money on a Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC) system.

Over the last few decades, people have realized that natural resources are not inexhaustible, therefore over-exploitation would definitely imperil human survival. With this global environment consciousness, preservation and conservation have become the most important concepts globally. With such concerns in mind, it only logical that more and more homeowners are opting for reclaimed wood for flooring, furniture and other construction purposes.

Reclaimed Flooring: Advantages

Reclaimed flooring has its own set of advantages. It is made from wood that has been logged earlier; therefore it has a tighter grain structure as well as density because of which it is more durable than new wood. Also, this wood possesses visual richness due to its natural weathering. A old piece of wood's character and sheen can not be duplicated by new wood.

If you want to improve your leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED rating and prove that you too are involved in the green building movement, switch to reclaimed wood. Purchasing from, and getting the wood flooring installed by an online provider is more convenient than going to the market to select wood.

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