Recycled Wood – Do You Know How Versatile & Eco-Friendly Rubberwood Is?

In the 1980s I had a rubber tree plant in my office as a decoration. Little did I know, there was a lot more hiding inside this versatile and eco-friendly tree.

While most people know that latex comes from the sap of the rubberwood tree, I for one, had no idea how really versatile and eco-friendly this tree truly is.

The sap of rubber tree has been used for 3600 years to produce latex, one of the most important substances we come in contact with in our everyday lives. Not a day or possibly even a minute goes by, when we are not in contact with something that is made from the rubberwood tree.

What makes this tree both versatile and eco-friendly?

Wood from the rubber tree has been found to have a high density grain, which makes for durability. This characteristic alone has helped rubberwood be seen as a high quality wood for use in the manufacturing of toys, furniture and wooden bathroom fixtures.

Because the rubberwood tree is a member of the maple tree family it is easily controlled during the kiln drying process which makes for a consistent finished product. It is also know for its compatibility to the adhesives used in furniture manufacturing.

A fine grain finish with a light color that excites staining to darker finish easily, makes rubberwood the perfect material for making high end furniture.

The new found discovery of uses for this versatile, eco-friendly wood in so many products means that the trees are no longer burned at the end of their 30 year latex producing cycle.

Not only does this help the environment from an air quality point of view, it also means that these trees live on through the products they become a part of.

It is not any one particular quality of rubberwood that makes it versatile and eco-friendly, but all of these characteristics combined, that make rubberwood a good choice for furniture and other products such as the high quality household fixtures and parquet flooring that will be durable and long lasting, no matter how hard they are used.