Recycling Bins For Garages

Garages generate large amounts of liquid and solid waste materials and the presence of a recycling bin is essential in garages to collect the waste materials for recycling. Some of the items usually stored in garages are oils, fuel additives, grease, waxes, polishes and cleaners etc. You should always dispose of these items carefully after use as these can be harmful to the environment if they are thrown with regular garbage.

Waste liquids like cleaners, paints, or used oil should not be thrown in the trash, river or on the ground as they cause water pollution and can easily seep into the ground too. According to research, one gallon of oil can pollute one million gallons of water. Hence, the use of recycling containers in your garage becomes essential for the sake of environment and your own personal health. Buy recycle bins that can handle the waste materials produced in garages. Here are some recycling bins that can be kept in garages:

o Rubbermaid Recycling Bins: These recycle containers are best suited for storing solid waste materials. Rubbermaid recycling containers are made of strong material that can resist rough handling and rusting. Slim Jim Recycling Bins, Landmark Series Steel Containers, and Glutton Containers are some of the best selling Rubbermaid containers. Slim Jim containers have a slim and durable design that is perfect for homes or offices where there is lack of space. Landmark Series Funnel Steel containers are fireproof galvanized containers and are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit all kinds of garages.

o Waste Warrior Recycling Bins: Waste Warrior is one of the leading manufacturers of recycle bins. Outdoor multi-sort, outdoor recycling station-town and country series, outdoor recycling station-the millennium warrior are some of their highest selling recycling bins. All the outdoor recycling bins by Waste Warrior are made of heavy-duty galvanized steel to make them weather and fire resistant. These containers are provided with multiple openings to keep different type of materials in separate segments. Waste Warrior containers are available in different shapes, sizes and colors.

o Ecolad Recycling Bins: The recycling containers manufactured by Ecolad are highly durable as they are made of 100% heavy duty cast aluminum. These containers are fireproof, rustproof, and weatherproof in nature making them ideal for use in garage. The containers are provided with a lid on top to keep the waste material from spilling while handling the container. Some popular Ecolad containers are single, heavy and double heavy duty outdoor recycling containers.