Red River Gorge Cabins – Tips For Renting the Right Cabin

Anyone planning a trip or vacation to the Natural Bridge State Resort Park, Red River Gorge and Slade areas of Wolfe County and Powell County in Kentucky will find a multitude of Red River Gorge cabins being offered for rent. Before you choose a cabin or chalet rental, keep these tips in mind to insure a pleasant stay.

Red River Gorge cabins are found virtually everywhere in the area and they continue to spring up. Some are close to Natural Bridge State Park, some are near the Gorge while others are a few minutes from each. Consider renting a cabin close to your main area of ​​interest or one that is conveniently located near all the attractions. Less time traveling to and from your cabin Leaves more time for enjoying the sites!

Many of the Red River Gorge cabins are located off the beaten path. While they are a haven for those seeking the ultimate in privacy and solitude, they can be difficult to find, especially at night. Be sure to find the exact location of the cabin before you rent it. Ask the owner for detailed directions and use one of the map services. There's nothing like getting lost to put a damper on vacation fun.

Another location-related consideration about Red River Gorge cabins are road conditions. Some cabins can be on dirt or gravel roads and are better accessible via a 4-wheel drive. Getting to many during the winter can be a treacherous affair if you are not prepared. The area is mountainous so be aware of cabins located on roads with a steep terrain.

As with rentals anywhere, make sure the Red River Gorge cabins you are considering are typically in a clean condition. Some are run as a business like a motel while others are family owned with a personal touch. If looking online, look for testimonials from previous guests.

Some of the Red River Gorge cabins are pet friendly while others are not. Bicycles and motorcycles are welcomed at some time being prohibited at others. If your cat or dog travels with you or you want to enjoy riding while on vacation, be sure to ask the owner if these are allowed.

Red River Gorge cabins come in many different flavors as far as the amenities are concerned. Included items you may want to ask about are ovens, working fireplace, television, cooking stove, refrigerator, microwave, type of heat or cooling system, grill, hot tub, satellite TV access, internet connection, shower, hot tub and maybe even a porch swing. Do not be surprised after you rent!

The sleeping capacity and arrangement also varies among the Red River Gorge cabins. Be sure to find out exactly how many people the cabin or chalet can comfortably sleep. Of course, the odd person out may may enjoy sleeping in a bag underneath the beautiful Kentucky stars!