Redefine Your Life, Radically Change Your Paradigm, Manifest Your Dreams and Harness Personal Power!

We have the ability to absolutely shape and govern our reality through the cultivation of inner being. We must first learn to master our mind and understand that we are in complete control of ourselves. There are no limits in life, it is simply our perceptions that hold us back, create boundaries.

We are layers upon layers of energy that possess abundant levels of power if exploited.

"With great power comes great responsibility."

Every person has huge responsibility as we possess abundant levels of power. With this power we have the ability to create and change material things. Our mind is the creator of everything in our life, which is brought to manifestation through sheer effort and focus. Is not it empowering to think that anything we can conceive can be carried out to its creation or destruction through the mind.

What is to say that anything can not be created in a heartbeat? The cure for aids, rapid remission from any disease, running 100m under 7s? No one would conceive this to be possible until someone does it.

What this means is that limitations are impermanent. Just like Einsteins theory of relativity, or Roger Bannister's sub 4 minute mile, our perception of "reality" changed through the actions of these individuals. With our thoughts, we can move the world, be the shaper of paradigm shifts, molder of change and angelship, open the door of limitation.

It is only when we truly realize the power of our own mind to change and create destiny, that we can use it to manifest anything in lightning speed! This is why we all have such a huge responsibility in our life.

Once this realization is achieved, we must harness the power of our imagination to create a vision of lofty ideals. To desire is to achieve, and to aspire to is to obtain. Dream huge goals, truly harness your mind at the deepest level and you have a tool of epic potential.

Be cautioned though. The infinite power of the mind to achieve is met by its equal power to destroy. This is a scary thought, but power must be used in a pure and divine way. Through positive thoughts, actions and feelings come the most godly and angelic creations. Through negative thoughts, actions and feelings come destructive and degenerative deletions.

We must be joyful, enthusiastic, playful, excited, compassionate, resilient, flexible and optimistic in mastering the mind and accept responsibility of our true power. If you combine these 2 things together, imagine the life ahead of you!

It was through the minds of the greatest visionaries: Buddha, Genghis Khan, Copernicus, Einstein that imagination was brought into existence. Through action and will they forever changed the world and what's to stop you from doing the same?

In their old age, if asked what they regret the most in their life, most people say "They regret the things they failed to do in their life. The opportunities and ideas they let pass them by and eventually fade away. These people, like so many failed to use their personal power and ultimately live a life of great significance. They regret the time they wasted chasing small things, instead of following huge dreams!