Reduce Cellulite And Stretch Marks Naturally

The first days of summer never fail to reveal a few bathing suit and short-clad cellulite thighs. It is a natural fact of life for women especially due to hormonal shifts, lifestyle, diet and genetics. During adolescence, pregnancy and women are most prone to develop cellulite because of the inevitable fluctuation of hormones. The lumpy unsightly depressions in skin can also be a result of toxin buildup in the body that forces fatty tissue into the sub dermal layer.

Internal Cleanse

There are ways to diminish the appearance of cellulite naturally. For starters, we can remember to flush the toxins from our bodies by staying hydrated. An organic green tea cleanse is a great way to give your body an internal cleanse while managing your weight.

Applying Skin Care Oils

Neroli, juniper berry, geranium, orange and lime oil nourish the skin while stimulating blood circulation for reduced cellulite. When combined with mandarin and almond oils, Neroli promotes cell growth and strengthens thin skin naturally eliminating the appearance of cellulite. Sluggish blood circulation can lead to pockets of fat tissue to build in your skin, but these oils applied topically generate a natural flow that inhibits the formation of cellulite.

Move and Feed Your Body

Nothing gets your blood pumping like exercise. A daily workout that gets you sweating is a two-prong solution to the lumpy flesh syndrome. You will sweat releasing toxins, while building muscle that shoves cellulite to the sidelines– out of sight. A diet to match your exercise routine will usher in smooth "cottage cheese-free" skin. And by diet, I mean balance: sourcing all the food groups with a smorgasbord of organic whole foods.

Elastic Skin or Stretch Marks?

After a bout of weight gain and loss; pregnancy, or adolescent growth spurts you may look at your skin one day to discover, you guessed it, stretch marks. As we age our skin does not quite bounce back the way it used to when stretched beyond its capacity: that's when the stretch marks show up. It may be hard to avoid in a long life of growing into our skin, but nature has provided some truly reliable botanicals to remedy your Elasti-Girl blues.

That same bottle of Neroli oil you purchased to treat cellulite can also be applied to minimize stretch marks in your skin. Dehydration can lead to loss of elasticity and that's when these marks take hold of your otherwise smooth skin.

With that in mind, lather and drench skin in moisture rich cocoa butter and Shea butters. These ancient skin care butters not only hydrate but help your skin to retain moisture for extended periods of time, more so than any moisture remedy. They naturally erase blemishes in short time and completely nourish far beneath the epidermal layer for supremely healthy vibrant skin that defies the visible signs of aging, as well as stretch marks.