Registry Repair Tools Can Address Issues With System Fonts

Registry repair tools not only confine them to the system registry but also provide you with a lot of other benefits including the solution to system font related issues. There are a number of errors that you can possibly come up with either saying that the TrueType font that you are looking for is not available in the font folder or the TrueType font that you are trying to install is already installed while it is not in the Font Folder previously.

You may also notice a significant difference in the font when you are going to print a document.

All these issues are related to the registry and the registry key associated with the TrueType fonts is responsible for these happening. It is possible that the registry key is damaged or missing. You need to fix the error by editing the Fonts registry key present in the registry tree of your operating system.

Manual registry editor can be used but it is not advised as a slight error can result into the complete failure of the operating system. The registry repair tools are the most appropriate selection in this respect. The key associated with TrueType fonts is searched in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion class.

Registry repair tools scan the tree and locate the key associated with TrueType fonts. In case the key is present, the registry repair tools replace it with a new one just to make sure that the problem is resolved. In case the key does not exist due to any reason, these tools create new entries into the relative class. After you get the TrueType font key fixed, you will have the same font printed on the page as it appears on the screen as well as you will be able to add or remove fonts from the system's font folder.