Reindeer Hide Rugs – The Perfect Winter Home Accessory Piece

Reindeer hides come in stunning natural hues of greys and browns. Over the recent years their use as rugs and furniture throws in homes has increased due to their natural beauty and elegance. Most of them are sourced from the Arctic regions of Finland where their skins are a natural by-product of the meat industry.

Due to their wonderful, tactile qualities, texture and colours they are proving a hit in many contemporary and traditional households, and are used as unique rugs and furniture throws.

A reindeer hide looks fabulous draped over the arm of your favourite armchair or sofa, and will also double as a wonderful toe-warmer on those cold Winter nights snuggled up on the sofa watching a movie. They may also be used as the foot of your bed to keep your toes and feet toasty on a cold winter’s night.

You may also use a reindeer hide as a luxurious and elegant floor rug, and the effect which is created when the reindeer hide is placed on wooden or stone flooring is truly spectacular. You must exercise caution when using them as floor rugs as they can be brittle haired, and without the correct care can be prone to excessive hair loss and shedding.

If you intend on using your reindeer hide as a rug, you should keep the hide away from all direct sources of heat such as under floor heating and close to fireplaces. It is also worthwhile keeping your hide away from direct sources of sunlight as placing them near a window could also make your reindeer rug dry out. To maximise the longevity of your reindeer hide you should place it in a low foot traffic area where it will not be constantly trampled on.

Every month you may take your rug outside and give it a good shake-out to remove any loose particles or dust. Providing you have a silicone treated hide you may also spray it with a fine mist water sprayer to lock some of the moisture back into the hide and prevent it from drying out.

We have looked at the possibilities of using a reindeer hide as a furniture throw or rug but they also make wonderful accent pieces and throws outdoor, particularly in the Winter months when it is cold outside. They are wonderful thick hides so using them on your outdoor furniture as a winter throw on a crisp, sunny day will enable you to sit outdoors and keep wrapped up to enjoy a little of the Winter sunshine. For this purpose you could also use them in your conservatory.

Wherever you end up using your reindeer hide, whether it be indoors or out you will quickly fall in love with your new home decor accessory and with a little tlc you will be able to use and cherish your hide through many Winters and Summers to come!