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Mailing Lists – 9 More Places to Buy a Direct Mail List

1. Trade Associations Mailing Lists Trade Associations are unusually excellent sources of mailing lists. Better associations always include the industry's top major players. Local associations like the local Chamber of Commerce in your area are usually good for a mailing list of local business names. You can select your direct mail list criteria by business size, number of employees, SIC code ... »

Commercial Marketing – The Greatest Fishing Sport There Is

According to scientists, humans have been fishing for over 40,000 years – and they do not appear to be letting up anytime soon. When speaking of the lure (pun intended) of fishing, whether it takes the form of commercial, sporting, or recreational – fishing enthusiasts the world over describe the thrill of the “hunt,” and the euphoria of the “catch.” Interesting... »

Fire Preventive Coatings

Homeowners in wildfire zone should consider coats, in addition to landscaping, for fire protection. In fact all homeowners can benefit from fire retardant treatment within their homes also. Fire sprinklers are the ultimate home protection but costly. People do not realize just how fast fires travel. Smoke detectors give you time and should always be installed. Your whole family, and pets, can be d... »

Youth Football Coaching – Organize and Plan Your Team

In youth football or soccer coaching, having a good program means that you should organize your team and plan your plays. This is something that most coaches have to focus on especially if it is a championship game. Getting your team organize is one factor that should be given the importance for most coaches. In this article, I will show you how you could manage your football coaching drills with ... »

Top 5 Dishwasher Failures

Dishwashers have become a necessary household item. If your dishwasher is working fine then you won’t have to worry about the stack of dirty dishes lying in your sink and can go about your other household chores. However, dishwashers can become a real pain for you if they keep on failing after every few uses. You might not know this but dishwasher failures are a pretty common sight. Fortunat... »

Things To Consider When Choosing Film Locations in Los Angeles

Hollywood, California is synonymous with movies. As part of the city of Los Angeles, Hollywood attractions hopeful movie industry workers and tourists alike from all over the globe. Having sunshine and a wide array of desirable film locations in Los Angeles, California was an ideal place for the fledgling US movie industry. As a movie setting in Los Angeles has been shown to be able to fulfill a n... »

4 Tips to Find No Credit Check Apartments

Who knew apartments required good credit before giving you a lease? Many unsuspecting bad-credit-applicants have realized this fact the hard way. I know I did. Why do apartments do credit checks anyway? Turns out apartments view a lease as a loan. If you’re seeking a 12-month lease on an apartment that’s $800 a month, you’re essentially taking out a $9600 loan that you repay over... »

What Causes Smelly or Yellow Well Water, and How Can It Be Fixed?

There are few things more refreshing than a glass of clear, cold, crisp water. But what happens when your tap water begins to smell or taste differently than it used to? If the water begins to carry a green or yellow tint, does that mean it’s unsafe? Depending on where a home is located, problems such as a sulfur smell, or “rotten egg smell,” and water discoloration can affect th... »

7 Health Benefits For Senior Citizens Who Take Line Dancing Instructions

Line Dancing is the Second Most Popular Thing Seniors Like to Do! Line dancing is very popular among Senior Citizens. It’s fun, there is great camaraderie among the Seniors, and you don’t need a partner, and it’s an easy way to stay healthy, both mentally and physically. An Activity Director at a Retirement/Convalescent Home in California told me that line dancing is only second ... »

7 Ways To Get An "Unavailable" and "Disinterested" Guy To Become Available And Interested In You!

You’ve fallen hard for this guy, but he just doesn’t feel the same way. In fact, he tells you that he’s not ready, is unavailable, or that he just wants to be FRIENDS! Of course, you know better, and you’re wondering what it is that you have to do to make this guy finally fall for you. I’ll tell you right now, that it’s simpler than you think…all you have ... »