Reliable Wooden Handrails

The presence of wood in a home makes living more cozy and comfortable. That’s the reason why wooden handrails never go out of style because it is economical and flexible. See, it is not difficult to work with wood, in contrast to metal and steel. There are lots of wood varieties to choose from: oak, mahogany, pine, maple, walnut, etc. Wood is a lasting material, provided that it is maintained well. It is also easy to hold on to wood since they’re not as slippery as metal and steel. Remember that the primary purpose of these handrails to give you and the people in your home something to hold on to while going down the stairs. Wooden handrails work for both straight staircases and spiral staircases.

Straight staircases are the best choice for homes that are small. Its simple, elegant, and can be built on a tight budget. The use of wooden handrails does not mean complete wood dominance. Wood can be combined with metal and steel stylishly. A flat and thin European beech handrail can be used along with stainless steel balustrades. The pale ash hue of these handrails and the metallic sheen of stainless steel balustrades will give your home an unfinished look that’s unique yet cozy at the same time. The more conservative ones can go for white hemlock for both handrails and balustrades. Its no non-sense look will never go out of style. Straight wooden handrails can also stand alone without the need for balustrades as long as the stairs is sandwiched by a wall. Combining a solid, red oak handrail with black iron-wrought metal balustrade help the stairs stand out, especially during winter season when they are decorated with Christmas ornaments.

Spiral staircases are much more of an investment. They have to be constructed properly because traversing through this staircase can be perilous. For spiral staircases in small spaces, the handrailing ends where the most dangerous and narrowest part of the stairs is. Instead, it is replaced by a post. However, they are great for maximizing a small space and they always look glamorous. In fact, big spiral staircases evoke a sense of grandeur and royalty. There are different options with this type of staircases. The key is to have fun because the spiral staircase itself is a sign that the owner is not afraid to experiment with different styles. Get a medium oak wooden handrail with minor carvings to go with medium oak wooden balustrades that has symmetrically carved curves. Go all out with a big staircase by choosing handrails with multiple carved indention and pair it with iron-wrought balustrades in very intricate designs, similar to Art Nouveau patterns. Straight staircases and spiral staircases can be pretty much the same, except that the wood has to be customized more. For a completely daring look, get a pale, non-pattern wooden handrail and choose a thick glass as your balustrades. If youre willing to invest, it can work for spiral staircases. It will definitely be eye-catching.

No style is better than the other. Spiral staircases, for instance, may not suit a home filled with energetic children. Straight staircases, on the other hand may consume a lot of space in a place that does not allow a big slope. Your stairs can be of any style and the wooden handrails will simply find a way to fit it. Thats how flexible and useful these handrails are. So consider adding one to your home today.