Remote Control Helicopters – When to Consider Upgrading?

Why upgrade an RC helicopter?

An upgraded remote control helicopter offers more power and playability, perfect for stunt flying.

What are some popular upgrade options for an existing RC helo?

  • Upgrade a plastic helicopter to a metal version.
  • Change out a brush motor with a brushless.
  • Swap a general remote control system to a JR, Futaba, or Spektrum remote control system.
  • Some 450 remote control helicopters can be upgraded to obtain a Flybarless E-Stabilizer Gyro System using GYRO 3 Axis Gyro System Flybarless E-Stabilizer.

Which models are worth upgrading?

Some upgradable models simply by swapping out for metal parts:

  • Esky Lama v3
  • Lama v4
  • Hunter
  • Kob
  • Comanche
  • Esky Big Lama
  • Esky Honey Bee King 2
  • Esky Belt cp v2
  • Esky Belt cp.

Owners can also adapt the Esky Honey Bee King 2 to a brushless motor and ESC to upgrade to a brushless version.

How easy is it to upgrade these models?

These upgrades require some technical skill.

Which models require more skill to upgrade but offer greater performance?

  • The Esky Honey Bee King 2
  • Esky Belt cp
  • Esky Belt cp v2

Who would enjoy upgrading an RC helo?

New pilots who tried out less pricey models and discovered they’re now real enthusiasts.

What is the price difference between buying a new vs. upgrading an existing model?

It can range from US$10-100.

Which tools do you recommend for these projects?

The RC Hobby Tools, a set containing 10 pieces:

  • tip nose pliers
  • a cut silk clamp
  • a ball head clamp
  • a 5.5mm long-handle socket
  • a 4.5mm long-handle socket
  • a long-handle Phillips screwdriver
  • a long-handle A screwdriver
  • a 0.9mm long handle hexagon socket screwdriver
  • a 1.5mm long-handle hexagon socket screwdriver
  • and a 2.0mm long handle hexagon socket screwdriver.

There is also a RC Helicopter Tools Portable Kit.