Removable Skylights

Removable Skylight: Brighten Up your Room in the Easiest Way Possible

Deciding on whether to opt for a fixed or a removable skylight is an important consideration before making the final purchase. These removable home enhancement devices can be opened up to vent heat buildup and allow fresh air into the room. Some of the models can be maneuvered by manual hand cranks, while the other more sophisticated, electronic counterparts can be worked via wall switches or remote controls. The high-end models operate automatically through temperature sensors and moisture-triggered closing mechanisms. Some manufacturers offer this skylight variety for deck-mounted installation, self-flashing and curb-mount models.

Removable Skylight: Different Models

The various models available in the online market include:

Manual controls: This economical option is operated by an extending rod that is designed for use in ceilings that are less than 15ft high. For within-reach applications, a hand-crank is always preferable.

Electronic controls: This has gained popularity in recent times due to the choice it offers for virtually hands-free operations. A double-function model can be used by wiring it to a wall-mounted switch. The more sophisticated models, such as those with built-in shades, can be operated via a wall console or wireless remote control. Some remote controls can be programmed to open and close the device at a preset time.

Automatic operating devices: The high-end models have integrated heat sensors that prompt the device to open when the heat inside the room reaches a preset temperature and the external rain sensors automatically shut the unit on sensing threat of moisture.

Removable Skylight: Facts and Tips

Installing removable skylights is the simplest and most cost-effective way of saving energy. They are also very convenient for home installations since they do not:

* need a mechanized device to move the air (some may use a small device to open and close)

* use electricity

* make noise

The following are three factors to remember about this removable device:

* The best place for installation is at the side of your home, opposite the prevailing winds. This helps ventilate the house.

* A single storey house may need more than one such skylight, since it might not have the height or vertical space to generate a good convection current.

* One must consider installing a removable skylight when new roofing is being installed.

The online market is abuzz with removable skylights made by different companies. However, you must choose a trusted manufacturer to ensure that you get a high quality product.