Removing Common Stains From Hardwood Flooring

Having hardwood flooring in your home not only adds elegance and beauty to your home but should you decide to sell it can also add value. No matter how hard you try hardwood floors can become stained or damaged due to everyday use. How you remove a stain would depend on how long it has been there and what type of stain it is. Here are some tips for removing common stains from hardwood flooring

Simple liquid

If a liquid has been spilt on the floor, the first thing to do is mop or wipe it up immediately. Make sure that you get it all up because the longer it stays on the floor the harder it will be to remove. If any remains it can seep through the sealant of the flooring, enclosing moisture within the panels, and cause a white discoloration. Once they have set in it is hard to remove them. You will then need a commercial hardwood flooring cleaner to get rid of the discolorations. Once you have gotten it all up dip a clean towel or absorbent paper towel in a little vinegar mixed with water and wipe over the spot.

Candle wax

If candle wax drips on the floor do not try immediately to wipe it up because it will just spread across the hardwood flooring. Let it harden first, which you can hurry along by applying an ice pack on the wax. Use a nonabrasive tool like a blunt, thin butter knife to scrape the wax off gently. Buff the wood with a soft cloth to get rid of all the small wax particles left after picking up the bigger pieces.

Oil stains from food

If you drop greasy foods on the floor, absorb the grease with paper towels and then wipe the hardwood flooring with a cloth that has been saturated in hydrogen peroxide and let it dry.

Dried food

Children often drop food and milk on the floor so it should be cleaned up and mopped dry immediately. If it has dried gently scrape from the outside edge toward the center of the stain with a razor blade but be careful you do not scratch the floor. Once you have the hardened stain removed you just clean the area with a dampened cloth.

Crayon marks and gum

If you find crayon marks or gum stuck to your hardwood flooring put a plastic bag of ice cubes over the stain and cover it with a towel. Let the stain harden and then you can scrape it off using a sharp blade but be careful you do no scratch the finish.

The best way to prevent stains from marring your hardwood flooring is to clean them up immediately.