Renting an Apartment in Dallas With a Broken Lease and Bad Credit

Dallas is one of the largest cities in Texas and draws thousands of people looking to move here largely in search of economic and academic opportunities. These are afforded due to the fact that Dallas is one of the financial centers of the South being home to the Federal Reserve itself. Dallas also has a very hospitable weather. This makes it an ideal place to live. Dallas and its environs has a great deal of attractive apartments to meet any housing need from temporary to permanent. The apartments also do conduct checks to qualify applicants. Applicants are approved or disapproved once they pass this initial screening.

Can you find an apartment in Dallas if you have a broken lease and bad credit?

Many apartments in Dallas and its environs which includes neighborhoods such as Oak Cliff, Oak Lawn, Northwest, Kessler, and Red Bird, conduct credit checks and rental history checks on potential tenants. The credit checks access information from any of the three major bureaus to determine eligibility.

The other check that they conduct is a review of rental history. It is during this check that any broken leases in an applicant’s past are unearthed. Broken leases are considered very serious by Dallas apartments; as serious as, say, a bankruptcy.

Ways to rent with broken lease and poor credit

Many people wanting to rent an apartment in Dallas and they have a prior broken lease or less-than-flattering credit can find themselves denied. Sometimes they may be approved but will be forced to either get a co-signer, pay a hefty deposit or pay higher rent. They may also find themselves living in parts of the city that are uninviting. So does one go about renting an apartment in Dallas if this is their situation?

The first thing to do is obvious; know your credit report. Many people attempt to rent an apartment and they know nothing about what is contained in their credit report. This is the first thing to get.

A second step is to peruse the report very carefully to see whether there are any anomalies. If there are mistakes or doubtful entries then these can be disputed. The removal of these transactions can raise your score.

Know where the apartments are

There are apartments in Dallas that are not very strict when it comes to renting to people with credit or prior lease blemishes. The challenge is finding where they are because these do not usually advertise. Many apartment rental publications and classifieds do not reveal this info.