Repairing a Burned Formica Counter

There are a few options that will work for repairing a Formica plastic laminate countertop that has been burned. All of these methods should be done by a trained professional at working with Formica countertops.

Installing a Surface Saver

This is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to eliminate a burn mark from a plastic laminate countertop. There are many cutting board styles and sizes available. These fixtures need to be fastened in place from under the countertop. If the damaged area is over the diswasher, you will need to hire a plumber to remove the appliance and to reinstall it.

Steps For Eliminating the Burnt Area:

1) Locate the appropriate sized cutting board insert

2) Mark the cutout dimensions on the Formica surface

3) Place masking tape over the marks

4) Redraw the cut lines on the masking tape if necessary

5) Drill a hole that your jig saw blade will fit through

6) Cut slowly along the line

7) Install the Surface Saver by following the directions on the package

Have a Butcher Block Cutting Board Custom Made and Installed

A skilled cabinetry expert can fabricate and install a custom made butcher block cutting board. These are generally made with a lipped edge that will overhang a hole that gets cut into the countertop.

  1. Fabricate a one inch thick cutting board that has a ¾” x ¼” rabbit joint edge all around
  2. Cut out the burned area of the Formica top
  3. Add a bottom under the hole that was cut out so that it creates a ¾” recessed area for the cutting board to fit into.
  4. Laminate the inside of the recessed areas with Formica.
  5. Insert the butcher block

When you are done, the butcher block should recess into the countertop and lip over the hole that was cut in the counter.

Recovering the Countertop

This will be the most expensive option for repairing a burnt laminate top. It is possible to cover over the burnt laminate with new Formica. You may need to resurface all of your tops in your color is discontinued.

Painting Your Tops

There are kits on the market specifically designed for painting Formica countertops. You could cut out the burned laminate and fill the hole with a new board. Then you would need to use automotive filler (Bondo) to fill in the area to be flush with the laminate. These paint kits generally are available in granite patterns with several color selections to choose from. Fill and sand the area until it is perfectly flat with “no” flaws.

No matter how you look at it-repairing a burned area of a Formica countertop is going to cost at least $200 to $1500. Your cost will depend upon the size of the top and repair method you select. The only method I would suggest you try yourself is painting the top. All the other suggested fixes for the burned Formica should be done by a professional cabinet man.