Replace Linoleum With Tile In 5 Steps

So you're tired of that 1970's gold and green linoleum in your kitchen, huh? You want something nice, modern, but not too expensive right? Look, on some level we all have a champagne palate with a beer budget, but if you do a little digging and are not afraid of work, you can do your new floors cheap.

First Step- remove all base boards and threshold strips. Do not bother trying to peel linoleum off of the underlayment just try to get your pry bars between the underlayment and the sub floor. Depending on how well it was stapled and if it was glued or not will decide if this is a 2 hr or 2 day job.

Second Step- Once all underlayment and linoleum have been removed, as well as all nails and staples from the underlayment in the sub floor, it's time for concrete backer. There are a few products that basically do the same thing but Hardy Backer is the leading product in the industry today. Nail the backer down to the sub floor over the floor joists as well as 6 "on edges and 10" in the field with 1 1/2 "roofing nails.

Third Step- Determine size and layout of tile desired. Snap chalk lines on floor in desired patters. Start at the far side of the room and glue down all full pieces first with approved tile mastic using rubber "X" 's to keep proper spacing. After full pieces have dried in place you can measure mark and cut the specialty and corner pieces. Once those have been set, the baseboard pieces are ready to be cut and set.

Fourth Step- Find a color of grout that matches your tile colors and mix it to manufactures specs. Using a combination of buckets, sponges and floats, follow the instructions on the packages to apply grout to seams of tiles (remember to remove rubber spacer before installing grout). spread grout evenly and clean off regularly with clean water sponge until desired grout size. allow to dry completely.

Fifth and Final- Sealing the grout is a step that most people skip but everyone that skips it regrets it. spend the extra 2 hours and make sure that your hard work will stay beautiful for the years to come. Sealing the grout is cheap and easy so do not forget to do it!

So that's it. Sounds easy, but some skill is involved, Do not forget to take your time, relax and be a bit of a perfectionist. If you start to get upset or feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath, re-read these steps and think about all the money you are saving by doing the labor yourself. As always feel free to contact us with any specific questions!