Researching Through a Carpet Review – See What the Experts Have to Say

Each and every carpet retailer and dealer wants you to buy their carpet, each brand wants you to believe that they have the best product…reading a quality objective carpet review can help you find the perfect carpet. Reading carpet reviews for carpet care products is another excellent resource for potential carpet owners.

Consumer Reports will give very factual and broad reviews of not only the carpet itself but the dealers, stores and warehouses and manufacturers as well. For example, carpet giants such as Carpet One and Carpet World not only sell famous brand named carpets, but their own lines as well where as big box chains like Home Depot and Lowes tend to sell brand name carpets only.

If you have children or pets, reading reviews about how specific carpets take on dirt, handle high volume and show dirt will make your search for the right carpet a successful one. The rug the salesperson thinks you should have may not be the one that best meets your needs.

If you are running a child care facility not only do you want the facts on durability, stain removal and texture, but also on the chemicals that may be used in the manufacturing process which could be harmful to the little ones who will be crawling around on it.

Once you have figured out what color you want and what your needs might be the question of material will come up. Do you want natural fibers such as wool or cotton, or will a synthetic material such as nylon better suit your needs? Once you have selected your material choice, there is usually a price range and specific differences between top of the line and bottom of the line choices. If you need the top priced selection, be sure that the reasons make sense. If you can get away with a cheaper brand, then that should be an option you feel good about.

Finally, do you want a Berber loop or the cut pile of a Saxony carpet? Tufted, sheared or multi length? Carpets are made in a number of different weaves, loops, tufts and braids. Getting feedback from not only the people who make and sell these products, but also from people who have used them and from people who want to give you honest information will insure that you get the carpet you want for your home. Carpet review is the way to go if you want accurate information about your carpets.