Residential Elevators – A Practical Addition to Your Home

Residential elevators are a practical addition to your home, to enhance your home style and are very convenient for floor-to-floor accessibility. Residential elevators provide a quiet and comfortable means of transportation for physically challenged people in and around the home. A home elevator increases the value of your home, including ending it with an added elegance.

Make the Best Use of the Available Space in Your Home

Residential elevators are a great addition to multi-storied buildings. These are safe, durable and almost maintenance free. Utilizing a residential elevator, you can make your home more accessible, safe and secure for your loved ones. Installing these elevators during the construction of a new home or keeping provision for one is always advisable.

Quality Features

o Quiet, smooth traction drive system for energy efficient operation.
o Carriage interior finished with melamine paneling, non-skid flooring and handrail.
o Requires low maintenance.
o Self closing, half-swing bi-fold doors allow easy access for wheelchair users.
o Emergency access is available at every landing.

Choose the Elevator that Best Fits Your Needs

o LEV – The number one selling home elevator on the market today combines cutting-edge elevator technology with extraordinary value.
o Rise Elevator – These pit-less elevators are widely used elevators that come with different car sizes, in brass or stainless steel accents and automatic gate opener.
o Windsor – Ideally suited for installing in existing homes, this is compact, inexpensive and is a perfect solution for the 2-floor home.

Residential elevators are customized to meet unique needs and challenges. While choosing an elevator you should consider how often you will really use the device, the number of people it should accommodate, its speed, functions and price. When you consider these elements, you will be able to pick out the best residential elevator for your home.