Residential Elevators – Provide Convenience For Aged

These days, residential elevators are becoming more popular as these provide convenience for organized and physically handicapped individuals. These are a practical solution if you want to move groceries, luggage, laundry, furniture and other items from floor to floor with ease.

In multistoried buildings, residential elevators offer safe and reliable floor-to-floor transport. Home elevators come with various advantages including space efficiency, affordability and easy installation. These residential elevators are available in a variety of car configurations, ceiling finishes, features and designs and would clearly increase the resale value of your residence.

Safe and Efficient Elevator for Residential Use

Different manufacturers offer different kinds of home elevator models in varying sizes and speed. ThyssenKrupp Access, Savaria Concord and Federal elevator are some of the reputable manufacturers of home elevator systems. Residential elevator models such as Panorama elevator, Renaissance elevator, Eclipse elevator, Infinite Luxury elevator, Prolift Voyager and Telecab increase the value and uniqueness of your home. These models are equipped with all the safety features such as cable safety devices, emergency light, alarm, door interlocks, phone, backup system, handrails and lots more.

Choose Prolift Voyager – A Heavy-duty Model

To make the ride more pleasant, you can choose the Prolift Voyager. This accessibility equipment comes in a variety of colors, finishes, sizes and other options. Featuring 1: 2 cable hydraulic drive system, this model has submersible hydraulic pump to provide smooth, safe, sufficient and dependable operation. It comes with various standard features:

o Travel 40 feet distance
o Automatic emergency cab lighting
o Variable two-speed valve
o Large standard cab platform size of 35 "(890mm) wide by 60" (1525mm) deep
o Attractive digital floor indicator
o Solid ceiling with four recessed incandescent down-lights
o Automatic time lighting
o Emergency alarm button and stop switch

A More Efficient, Effortless Way to Move from Floor to Floor

Select an elevator model that is right for your residence. There are several firms that provide installation and maintenance services. With the help of installation service providers, you can install a home elevator with ease.