Residential Elevators

If you would like to give a futuristic look to your stylish homes, residential elevators from Federal Elevator are ideal and elegant options. Moreover, these elevators prove to be valuable assets to all types of residences.

Federal Elevator is an established accessibility equipment provider offering unique residential lifts to suit any application. To have safe and comfortable access to all parts of your home, Panorama or Renaissance elevators from Federal Elevator are practical choices; moreover, these offer energy efficient operation. These feature quiet operation, and ensure a velvet-smooth ride for the users. These passenger lifts of varying capacities and speeds bring a touch of affordable elegance to your modern or traditional multi-storied building. Understand the uses and limitations of residential elevators provided by Federal Elevator, and then select the product that meets your needs.

Improve your living lifestyle with Panorama elevator model, which is designed to transport passengers as well as groceries from floor-to-floor. The Panorama elevators are hydraulic, and offer smooth vertical transportation with a maximum of 8 stops. These have a battery backup emergency lowering system, emergency lighting and alarm to support the unit in the event of power failure.

This product:

o Handles a payload up to 750 lbs

o Has a manual and automatic swing entrance with accordion or scissor style car gates

o Runs at a maximum speed of 50 fpm over a height of 50 ft

o Utilizes a hydraulic drive system

o Has a car control station with emergency alarm and stop button

o Has the capacity to fit into a limited space

For the residential elevator industry, Federal Elevator offers another option, the Renaissance elevator. This is one of the finest residential elevators available in the market used to meet the practical needs of the elderly and disabled. It comes with landing entrances with extruded aluminum sills, strut angles and flush design door panels; hydraulic power unit; emergency power unit; standard platform size car enclosure; an emergency stop button and alarm and a number of more basic and safety features. When negative pressure is sensed by the hydraulic control valve, it suddenly stops from descending as it is a pressure sensitive check valve. The car enclosure’s standard features include telephone cabinet, photoelectric eyes, arrival gongs and lights, various interior cab panel finishes and motion activated cab lights.

Over the past few years, the demand for residential elevators from Federal Elevator has been on the increase as this elevator maintains high quality at affordable price tag.