Resources of Lights

Light is what makes our life come alive. It is in the lightness that we see the world in which we live. A spark of light can drive away a darkness of a hundred years in a second. Man is always looking for the light of his life.

Light and energy are the two primary sources that lights up the sun, moon and the stars. Man knew of the light and energy only from these sources of nature until he discovered another element called fire. Slowly he learnt to create electricity from the natural sources and today we can not imagine living without lights lighting up our homes, offices and roads too.

Even today man is heavily dependent upon sunlight for lighting up our lives. We construct buildings to work and live in where sunlight is allowed to stream in and brighten up the interiors through windows, sky sheets etc. Of course we also regulate the amount of sunlight and make ourselves comfortable by using window blinds, curtains and shades to control the luminosity.

The amount of sunlight that you can get into your home is dependent upon the design of the windows, doors and other openings and their strategic placement. This aspect is covered in the basic design of the building to be able to get most of the sunlight during the daytime. You will still need electricity and other sources once the day is over.

In the olden days, people used to light fire and use lanterns and candles to light up the room in the absence of electricity. Candles of course give out soft glow across the room and burn steadily for a long time.

Candles with their soft glow have a calming and spiritual effect on the surrounding. It has shades of romance too.

Modern day lighting consists of various types of electricity based lamps, bulbs and fixtures that can be use in various combinations to create the effects as needed. The variety and types of lighting fixtures are very many.

One bulb does not fit all places and all requirements. You need to have the right kind of fixture and right kind of lighting with sufficient brightness depending upon the place you are lighting up. With the right combination you can create music with lighting.