Responsibilities of an Apartment Manager

Being an apartment manager is a serious task. It carries with it responsibility, patience and hard work. Your responsibility is not only to the building but to the owner and tenants as well. You will find yourself doing several duties the whole time. A property manager works either for a company or for a direct owner.

Here are some responsibilities of an apartment manager’s to serve as your guide. This can help you especially if you are new to this field.

• Routine inspection. Inspecting the building itself and its grounds routinely is a must that needs to be done often. This is to make certain that the apartment is well maintained and out of harm’s way. Make sure that maintenance is carried out regularly and safety concerns are dealed with immediately.

• Check first before showing to potential tenants. Vacant apartments should be inspected first. This is to make necessary enhancements or fixes to make your apartment more attractive to would-be tenants.

• Advertise. If you have a vacant apartment or a tenant has just moved out, advertise without delay. It is the manager’s responsibility to maintain the income of the building.

• Credit and references. As the apartment manager, it is your responsibility to check on your prospective tenants’ financial background. This is done so to avoid rental skip outs and revenue loss.

• Rental agreement. Have an agreement signed first before the tenant moves in. Don’t hesitate to enforce the terms and conditions stated in the agreement. It is a part of your responsibility as long as you don’t violate any law.

• Resolve complaints. Problems and complaints are parts of business. When these things occur, address it immediately. A meeting may be required with tenants involved or all occupants to resolve any problem or misunderstanding.

• Financial transactions. Always embrace the possibility that you will be tasked with the financial aspect of the business. There are owners that ask their managers to collect rentals and so with other duties that involve money. But other owners prefer to do it themselves.

• Purchaser, negotiator and enforcer. Being an apartment manager, you often do multi-tasking. For necessary repairs, it is the manager who will purchase the supplies and equipments. You will be the one to negotiate with service providers such as electricians, plumbers and other services needed. It is also your responsibility to effect lease terminations or evictions in accordance with company policy and law. Make sure that you have kept all records of financial and administrative transactions.