Responsive Web Design or a Mobile Web App – Which Is Better for Your Business

The evolution of simple mobiles to high performance smartphones has completely redefined our lives. People now stay connected to each other more often. This trend is compelling companies to shift their business strategies towards smartphones. An app-first approach works great now. This shift has forced web designers to incline more towards mobile platforms and less towards desktop web.

There are several ways to achieve dynamic mobile web presence, such as creating an app or choosing a responsive web design that can fit every mobile size.

Now, in order to choose which one will work best for your business you need to understand both technologies.

Mobile Web App

Before discussing other aspects, one needs to be aware of what actually is a mobile web app. It is a type of mobile development in which the application is built to run over Internet from a server, where it can be accessed by mobile device through a web browser. An easy option for businesses looking for a mobile version of their website is to build a separate site. It is a different version than original site that redirect users when they access a website via smart phone.

Advantages: –

1. Caters to majority of users as mobile traffic is more compared to desktop traffic.

2. Offers an enhanced experience including rich look, better readability, offline browsing and better viewing of videos.

Responsive Web Design

You may be familiar with responsive web design. It is a technique that develops a website in a way that its design and implementation responds to user environment based on the screen size, orientation and operating system. Its framework consistors of flexible grids, layouts, images and intelligent use of CSS. The website itself adapt to accommodate different types of devices such as mobiles to desktop, thereby, eliminating the need of resizing, scrolling and panning.

Advantages: –

1. Economical and easy to maintain.

2. Ensures that users get the same feel if they access website from a desktop, tablet or mobile.

3. Improves page ranking.

4. Better control over website.


Development Cost – Responsive web designs are costly to develop.

User experience – UI is much better on a mobile app.

Time Factor – It takes more time to develop a responsive website than a mobile web app.

Maintenance Cost: A responsive site is cost effective to maintain.


Selecting responsive web design or mobile web app is quite difficult. It depends on your taste and need. If you want a business solution that's easy to maintain, control and cost efficient, then responsive web design is correct approach. If you want a better user experience, quality performance and fast implementation, then you should opt for the later.