Restaurant Equipment Required For Starting Up a Restaurant

The list of equipment necessary for opening a restaurant is as varied as the type of establishment you’re going to run. Some of the equipment that crosses all lines include the following:

– adequate cooking facilities (stove burners, oven, salamander or other warming equipment like food lamps needed to keep food warm, etc.) to prepare your food at peak times so the patron doesn’t have to wait undue amounts of time to get their order. The stove and other cooking appliances don’t have to be big, just reliable and adequate enough in size to handle what you are likely to prepare as a part of your menu offerings.

– proper refrigeration/freezer storage to keep your food supplies fresh and spoilage free. Again, the refrigeration and freezers that you use do not have to be big, just sturdy and of enough size that you can comfortably accommodate what you are likely to have in storage to make your menu selections.

– a dishwasher or appropriate dishwashing facilities so that you can continue to keep your food preparation utensils sanitary. If you don’t own some sort of dishwashing machinery outright, you might want to consider the addition of counter space where dishes may dry properly or perhaps adding a spray head with flexible hose as a part of the sink to facilitate rinsing and washing or obtaining water for cooking without running the risk of cross contamination from unclean dishwashing water.

– a sturdy mixer of commercial grade to facilitate the mixing of any batters, sauces or doughs, etc. needed in the preparation of menu your particular offerings. If your menu doesn’t regularly need items like these, you might be able to get by with a lower end personal home model, but if you have to rely on it extensively, it’s worth the investment to obtain something that’s equal to the job both in size and durability.

– adequate pots and pans to facilitate the easy preparation of your menu offerings. These items can include things like stockpots of 10 gallons or larger, large sized baking sheet pans or sauté pans that would allow the preparation of larger food amounts than those traditionally found in home kitchens. In the case of the preparation of specialty items like those used in weddings (cakes, etc.) or bakeries (cupcakes, individual cookies, small quick breads, or brownies) it would be necessary to include any specialty pans needed. Appropriately sized kitchen utensils like knives, mixing tools, large ladles, etc., would likewise need to be chosen.

– food preparation devices like slicers or food processors to facilitate the preparation of the various components needed for your menu items. When properly used by trained employees, this can save the restaurant time in prepping the food needed on a regular basis like components for salads, sandwiches, or dishes that are regularly prepared, allowing the delivery to the patron in a more timely manner.

– adequate dishware and linens for a dine-in locale. (It goes without saying that if take out fare is offered, supplies would need to include disposable packaging.) The minimum amount you should figure on is whatever is sufficient to serve 100 patrons.

While there are other, more specific lists available elsewhere, these are just a few of the choices a prospective restaurateur should consider when making choices for restaurant equipment.