Retirement Speech Examples

When a co-worker retires, it is indeed a special occasion. It is the grand finale of a career.

It is ironically a happy and a sad time. No doubt, the organization will miss the retiree, and the retiree will miss the organization. Customarily, a retirement party is given in honor of the individual who is retiring. Someone from the organization or the industry gets the lucky job of giving a speech for the retiree.

Let’s say it is You! But what do you say? How do you say it? How long do you say it?

First find out how many people will attend. Next, find out who the people are. For example, are they co-workers, or are they clients? It is an unwritten rule (up until now) that retirement speeches are somewhat humorous and lighthearted, but respectful. It is after all, a fine day for the retiree. One they will never forget!

Below are two retirement speech examples. The first one is a sample speech, and the second one is a general outline. This outline could be adapted to fit almost any retirement occasion.

Retirement speech example:

Good afternoon members of the GREAT Industry and welcomed guests. I have been honored to speak on behalf of my dear friend and colleague, Mrs. Boss.

My first memory of Ms. Boss, was some 40 years ago, when she resembled Mary Tyler Moore, and her vision to become a voice for USA residents. And I remember thinking, she’s going to take this town!

When Ms. Boss and myself entered in this business, all those years ago, the GREAT Industry was a completely different world, with a certain stigma. Our products were, in the beginning, quite small and quite common.

In 19XX, Ms. Boss was instrumental in the approval of the mass production, which is commonplace today.

She has had an impact at the State and National level in order to provide a cost-effective production solution for our customers. In fact, she has lobbied for more rigid production standards and licensing requirements, which have allowed our products to become superior.

This is a significant achievement, which allows our products to provide our customers with quality. Which meet or exceed the expectations of State and National goals.

Which means that we have in the excess of 20,000 happy customers.

Use this guide to prepare your own custom speech:

Retirement speech example outline :

1. I remember…think of how the industry was at the beginning of the retiree’s career.

2. Mention Colleagues, other industry members that have had an impact on the industry or organization.

3. Mention major Milestones in the industry or organization.

4. I remember…try to describe an amusing story about the retiree.

5. Look to the future direction of the industry or organization. What will the next generation move toward?

6. What core values have been important to the industry or organization. How have they changed and how have they remained the same?