Retractable Awnings and Fixed Canopies – A Comparative Study

Easy installation and durability – these two features have made retractable awnings more popular over any other type of sunshades. As the term suggests, you can retract these awnings and have a better control over your sunshade. By folding your awning during harsh weather you simply add to its durability. Top of that retractable awnings are quite easy to install. Do-it-yourself believers can always fit them with the help of installation guide.

Awnings have undergone many changes; like anything else under the sun. They are not like what they used to be earlier. Modern awnings are added with a slew of features that make them almost indispensable for homes and commercial places. Those who are smart would waste no time to make utmost use of modern sunshades.

Here are some points that make retractable awnings unique among all types of shades and curtains. A comparative study of various functionalities of both modern retractable sunshades and fixed canvases shows the secrets of retractable awnings.

Clear view:

Fixed canopies and canvases often stand as obstacles for you eyes when you try to look at outside. Materials used for fixed sunshades block your view and hamper the scenic beauty of the place. Drop curtains made of opaque materials can be blamed with same point.

Retractable awnings are basically hanging in nature; they are suspended structure held by arms or wires. Hence they do not obstruct views; you can sill look at the outside from the covered area. This makes the indoor more comfortable.

Hassle-free installation:

Most Awning Companies manufacture custom products that are made-to-measure. You give the specification and the manufacturer craft the sunshade accordingly. Expert people specialized in awning installation come to fit it to your home. Installation is simple and as I said before, people can always install it by themselves consulting the installation manual.

Light weight materials are used for awning, hence, unlike fixed canvases and canopies, modern retractable awnings do not exert much pressure nor do they put huge load on the building structure.


You can fold off the shade as per your requirement – fixed canopies could never give you that flexibility. Just pull the awning when sun is high and fold it off when you do not need it. Top of that, the foldable shades go for long. As you can fold them during adverse weather, they are protected from storm, heavy rain and sustained wind.

On contrast, places covered by fixed canopies may become hotter than the outside in night. Moreover, an unprecedented storm can damage your expensive fixed canopy. But retractable awnings do not put you into that mess.

Flexible use:

Fixed canopies may not fit within small spaces like over the windows and doors of your home. But retractable awnings are made to fit anywhere. Custom sunshades can be made for practically any place. As they are suspended with spring arms or wires, it is never difficult to install retractable awnings in any small place even.

Better control:

Retractable sun control shades are installed in a slanted style, not horizontally generally. You can change the slope to get better protection from sun, rain or snow. Fixed canopies, vertical canvases or drop curtains do not allow you to do so.