Retractable Patio Awning

When looking for a retractable patio awning there are some features you should look for:

1. Made with the highest quality internal parts. Basically when it comes right down to it, you do not want to spend the time and money to get what appears to be a great and quality awning, just to have the motor malfunction or break down shortly after installation. Because the internal parts are internal, you can’t see them to verify by sight that they are quality. So, to protect yourself from inferior internal parts that will cost you money, ask for a full coverage warranty on the motor, and verification that the parts used in the motor are only of the highest material. This alone will help you love your retractable patio awning for years to come.

2. Frames and fabrics that are made here, or that have guarantees that are really good. While the motor that makes the awning retractable is essentially the most important part, getting an awning with a high quality frame and fabrics is important as well. The best thing to do is make sure they are made in the USA, this generally means that you can contact the manufacturer directly should you have a problem, and you will find that your service is better, and the guarantees are better and easier to understand. The higher quality the materials, the higher your satisfaction will be.

3. Options that are both manual and motorized. Unfortunately as we have seen from the cars we drive, motors do not always function properly, and sometimes they break. You want to make sure that the retractable patio awning you have has a manual override option. This is important because if your motor quits working halfway through retraction, you do not want your awning half open, half closed, this could ruin it. So, make sure you can manually retract the awning should you want or need to.

4. Wide selection. Buy your retractable patio awning from a source with a wide selection. Generally if the selection is good, the product will be as well. Also, a wider selection means you have the luxury of finding the perfect retractable patio awning for your home.

5. Look for quality and outdoor durability. While this has already been mentioned, it is important to realize that some material might be quality for indoor use, but for a retractable patio awning, it will be outdoors, and have to be able to withstand the abuses that come with being out of doors. So, be sure that it has a nice outdoor durability.

6. You want something that is unique, beautiful and functional. Your retractable patio awning is going to be a great pleasure in your life. It is going to mean you can expand your living space, and enjoy the outdoors even in imperfect weather. So, to make your awning even more comfortable, and more enjoyable for you, be sure that it is unique to your personality; beautiful and fitting for the style of home and material you have on your patio; last but not least, make sure it is functional. No matter how pretty it looks, if it cannot withstand a windy day, or protect you from the sun, it is a waste of money.

7. Look for a retractable patio awning that does not need any supports. Many homes have great vies, and those poles needed to support an awning can really obstruct the view, or be a hazard. So, find one that allows you to retract it against your home when you want sunshine, and put it out (without poles) when you want the shade, or protection.

8. Provide adequate sun protection. The point of an awning on your patio is often to protect against the sun. Your awning will not just provide shade to those under it, but having a patio awning can mean your furniture and carpeting will be protected from fading and you may even have an indoor temperature that is lower by as much as 15 degrees and also a lot less glare.

9. Good prices. A retractable patio awning will be worth its weight in gold if you use the space often, and if you use it to your best advantage to keep your home cooler, etc. However, you still should not overpay for it. So, look for a retractable patio awning that is well priced.

10. Fits your taste and style. There are plenty of styles, designs, fabrics, and other coverings available for retractable patio awnings. You will enjoy your awning more if it is a style and design that fits your style and taste. So, do not settle, find something you love, and you won’t regret it.

A retractable awning will add value to your home without the problems and high cost of construction. So, they are a smart investment for your home. Retractable patio awnings are a great way to enjoy the out of doors and protect your inside furniture and carpet from fading due to the sun.