Revamping Your Staircase With Ease

Have you ever seen stair cases which look very ordinary from afar and then when you come closer you see that there's a charming trinket-like design on the balustrade? How about seeing a staircase that looks bright and grand from afar but really it's just made of simple fixtures, only used in a different and revolutionary way? Do you want the same things to happen to your very own staircase?

Do not get too intimidated. Giving your staircase a new look does not have to cost you a lot of money, time, and sweat. Even with just a few very minor adjustments and a little updating here and there, our staircase will look like new again. Here are a few ways to revamp yours stairs with ease:

Got wooden stairs? Still want to keep that old set of wood but want to give it a fresher look? This can easily be remedied with just one thing, varnish. A new coat of varnish is what most wooden stairs need to make it look like new again.

If you still are not satisfied and want to go to the extreme, then I suggest you varnish your staircase a shade darker. Dark wood lends that feeling of old elegance, making dark wood stains perfect for those who want that elegant look while at same time having that aged feeling.

Just make sure that before you varnish, you clean and sand the wood well. Scrub off rough edges to get that smooth and polished look pre-varnish. Prep well to end well. Surely your wooden stairs will be like new after you varnish.

Got interior stairs that seem to have been left behind by the times? Worry no more, even just be changing a few minor details some visible change is sure to result. One way is by putting in some stencils on the treads. Love to garden? Then put in some vine borders. You can also put other modern additions to the balustrade such as gem-like embellishments or stained glass. Just like before, anything goes as long as it still retains its visual appeal and not look too much or overdone. A little creativity could go a long way.

Spot repairs and instant fixes are sometimes all it takes for a staircase to regain its former glory. Painting over chipped or faded portions of paint is one way. Another is by fixing broken parts or replacing them with new ones should do the trick. Make sure that what you buy is of good quality by checking out the selections at Stair Warehouse.