REVEALED! Techniques to Blow Her Mind in Bed

Let's face it; some men are hung like horses and some like miniature poodles with some as thick as a summer sausage and others as thin as a hot dog with my point being that we all got what we got. We've all heard the cliches that 'it's not the size but the quality' or 'it's not the size but how you use it' or even 'the potion is in the motion' and when it comes to satisficing your lady in bed the techniques in the cliches are the ones to take note of if you want to blow her mind and keep her in a state of ecstasy.

I am going to give you three basic techniques that are "any size penis" techniques to blow her mind.

Before we move to the meat of the subject I do want to add a thought of conscious, foreplay!

You want your lady squirming for the main course not just putting it out in front of her and hiring she likes it. Women do not arouse like us so we have to put a little work in front of the pleasure. You know what to do; you just sometimes forget to do it so keep the foreplay thing in mind.

The Techniques:

The techniques are basic and easily positioned which makes them smooth maneuvers. Forget all those contortionist positions that have her tied up in some awkward knot because she'll be so uncomfortable she will not feel the pleasure.

1. The Missionary Position

This should be called the missionary plus pillow technique because a pillow will make all the difference in her pleasure. With her obviously on her back, raise her hips and buttocks up onto a pillow. This aligns your penis with her vagina but also your pelvic pad with her clitoris. The "G" spot is within two inches of the vaginal opening so you are as well aligned to massage the "G" spot and clitoris with every motion and blow her mind.

2. Women Top Mount Position

There is little to say here because she's in control and knows just how to move to get what she wants as fast or as slow as she wants it. Of course there are some very erogenous zones with in your reach that will blow her mind in pleasurable ecstasy.

3. Leg Lift Position

This position gives your full groping rights because you come from behind with her on side and lift her leg. Now you're positioned to touch on her clitoris and breasts.

By coming from behind, you lift her leg and thrust deep. This way you can fully satisfy your woman because you can touch her breasts and her clitoris all at the same time. Rock her senses!