Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup – Revenge Against Telemarketing Abuse!

“Ring Ring Ring” – You’ve been interrupted by another “unknown call”. You are tired of having your time wasted and feeling frustrated, so you type the number into an Internet based phone book to see who dares disturb you. But wait, whats this? The information you find consists only of provider: and type: – and its probably wrong! Its also not enough to help you identify the caller, thus your daily interruption and annoyance continues unabated.

Or does it? Seeking vengeance on those annoying telemarketing calls and rude “private callers” is possible, but you must know and use the right tools. A proper reverse phone directory gives you the full name, street address, phone company, service status, and more of the person or business calling you. Finally an end to your wasted time! No more endlessly checking caller ID to see “private caller”, “unknown call”, “Illinois (or insert other state name here) call”, “toll free call”, “inbound call”, or other frustrating interruptions. Armed with this information, you can contact their carrier or relevant regulating authorities to have them permanently shut down.

More and more people switch from land lines to cell phones or VOIP phones every day. Using a proper directory will not only help you find regular telemarketing calls, it will also trace cellphone numbers and their providers. They can even find prepaid cellphones when the owner information is available. This becomes increasingly important as more harassing callers make the cellular switch to use its privacy as a shield from the consequences of their activity.

Modern technology lets these special reverse directories keep up with the many telemarketing numbers which are created and destroyed daily. Although most cell phone companies currently follow industry standards in keeping their records private from the general public, these directories have special access to their databases and can search 98% of all cellular numbers in seconds.