Review of the EdenPURE G-7 Whole House Air Purifier

With the increasing demand of air purifiers, more and more products are being launched into the market. One such product is the EdenPURE G-7 whole house air purifier but before you decide to purchase one, you’ll want to find out what it can offer. So here we are to provide you with a detailed review. EdenPURE is one of the most famous brands when it comes to air cleaners. With the advanced technology involved in the production of the EdenPURE G-7 whole house air purifier, the brand has certainly gained a lot of popularity.

The EdenPURE G-7 whole house air purifier system has 4 available functions – Filter, Sterilize, Anion and Purify. The carbon pre-filter removes large particles from the air and traps odors in the carbon fibers. The photocatalytic filter is the second step and traps smaller particles that have not been trapped by the carbon filter. Using a UVC lamp, the sterilize mode kills bacteria that has been trapped by the photocatalytic filter and any other bacteria or viruses that pass over it. The anion function releases negative ions into the air and these attach themselves to large particles in the air such as pollen, dust or pet dander and cause them to clump together and become heavy so that they fall to the ground – allowing you to vacuum them up easily. The final function, purify, releases ozone into the air and this sterilizes the air as well as surfaces very quickly.

Employing the ozone technology in this product has had both advantages and disadvantages. The use of ozone is very good in cleaning the environment of harmful particles in the air but it has a drawback which is it cannot be used for a long time as it can be pretty toxic itself so this setting should only be used in the absence of people.

The EdenPURE G7 whole house air purifier requires routine maintenance however it is easy to maintain as they will only involve the replacement of UV plates. Other parts like ceramic plates, catalytic screen and the filters can easily be cleaned and should be done monthly. The product comes with a 1 year factory warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. The G7 is fairly inexpensive (under $300) quiet, easily portable and has a range of 3000sqft even though it is very compact. The manual has a detailed 11-step setup process which may take a little while to sort out if you are not familiar with it.

The EdenPURE G-7 whole house air purifier uses UV microorganism control and negative ionization along with ozone oxidation. With the multiple functions available, this does indeed sound like a wonderful purifier. It is an effective air cleaner, but the technology is still a risk because of the ozone technology (should you choose to use that function).