Review of the Toro 38361 Power Shovel Snow Thrower

The Toro Power  Shovel  Snow Thrower is one of the best buys currently on the market. It works much better than other similar snow throwers, it is lightweight, and it is extremely easy to start, use, and maintain.

Toro 38361 Power  Shovel  features

With a 7.5 Amp electric series wound motor, the motor is powerful enough to shoot snow distances of 20 feet. The clearing path ability is 1 foot across, and the depth of the snow it can throw on a single pass is 6 inches. The rotors are specifically curved using advanced technology, which allows for an even cleaning capability all the way down to the surface of the concrete or pavement. The Toro 38361 has the overall capacity to clear up to 300 pounds of snow per minute. The handle was designed with comfort in mind to prevent soreness while using the machine for extended periods. The handle is also fully adjustable up and down the machine, and the handle angle is adjustable as well.

The best uses for the Toro 38361

The Toro Snow Thrower is ideal for clearing small areas such as decks, sidewalks, or driveways. The snow is thrown in front of the machine, not to the sides. Being an electric machine, no gas or oil changes are necessary, however it does need a power cord to operate. The area you will be able to clear therefore is directly linked to how long the power cord is. A low temperature outdoor extension cord is recommended for use with the machine. The Snow Thrower features a cord lock system, in case the cord was to get tangled in the rotors. Also, the Snow Thrower rotor casing is made of a high quality durable plastic, which is one of the reasons the machine weighs only 13 pounds.