Rice Cookers Versus Stove Pots – Who Earns the Advantage?

Ever think having a rice cooker in your kitchen may not benefit you all that much? Well, consider that thought again.

Cooking white rice in a normal stove pot may be fast and easy, but when folks start experimenting with different rice types such as brown rice, sushi, and even mixed rice, the challenge to get it just right becomes greater and usually comes with some frustration along with trial and error.

However, having a micro-computerized rice cooker in your corner will not only take the guess work and hassle out of cooking those other types, but may also open up some new cooking avenues for chefs to explore.

Below are 3 major benefits and advantages certain rice cookers hold over your overused one shot deal stove pot.

1) Diversified Settings

One of the most popular reasons for buying one of these appliances are the multiple benefits, features, and settings different cookers may offer. I say “may” since depending on how much folks spend will determine how many additional features they obtain.

Cookers in the $100 to $200 range will offer specific settings for white rice, brown rice, sushi, mixed, & more. Most come with programmable timers, extended keep warm modes, and produce rice without the hassle of boil-over and/or rice crusting issues associated with lesser units.

Some even offer a texture setting when cooking regular white rice, (soft, normal, or firm).

In addition, most of these cookers also come with a steaming tray allowing folks to prepare a batch of healthy steamed vegetables, chicken, or seafood.

Some models like the Sanyo ECJ-HC100S for example also come equipped with a slow cooking benefit which makes it a great 2-in-1 machine.

But even most cookers in the $30 range come with a steaming tray and keep warm feature.

2) “Fuzzy Logic” Technology = Fool Proof Rice

Another huge advantage certain rice cookers hold over ordinary stove pots is the internal micro-computerized monitoring technology known as Fuzzy Logic.

Simply put, having Fuzzy Logic in your kitchen takes most of the guess work out of preparing great rice dishes since your cooker will not just boil the rice, but actually pay attention on how your rice is cooking while making fine adjustments in cooking time and water temperature along the way.

The end result is a batch of rice that has superior quality and texture compared to stove pot rice, especially when comparing brown rice. It may take longer than average, (programmed soaking time) but many find it to be worth the wait.

Another thing to mention is that such units are expensive, with prices ranging from $100 to $400+! But in the end it is worth the consistent results.

3) Easier Clean up & Energy Efficient

Folks who have an electric range may discover that using a rice cooker instead will prove to be more cost effective. This holds even more ground with models that slow cook and/or simultaneously steam food allowing for entire meals to be completed in one unit.

When it is time for cleaning up, most cookers come with non stick bowls that wash away rice and excess starch with ease when using warm water and a soft sponge. These non stick bowls also make serving the rice easier too.

The days of scrubbing and scraping are over!

Just remember to always use the rice scoops or paddles the cooker came with when serving to extend the lifespan of the non stick material.

So those are 3 very good reasons to consider a rice cooker over a normal stove pot for folks who consume rice daily…and for those who want more than a rice making kitchen tool!