Right Down to the Deck Handrail

When investing in decks, the deck handrail is one of the most important components. It is, after all, what people will hold onto as they descend the steps or when they walk over to the side to peer over. It should be durable and look great. It also should provide a smooth surface to protect from any type of splinters or injury. Though there may be various requirements on this one component of the decking system, there are other components to think about and plan for, too. When selecting anything that makes up this design, it is critical to think about function, beauty, and long-term maintenance.

Functionality First

The first element in selecting the details for the deck handrail, railings, and other components is the functionality. How does it work? Does it offer the right level of flexibility? When selecting these items, consider if the material is designed to work as you would like it to. For example, you may be looking at various material choices for the handrails. Wood will splinter and this means painful grasping of the railing. Metal can get too hot in the summer months especially in sunlight. Another option may be a resin or composite material that does not cause these concerns.

Beauty Next

Next, consider the overall beauty of the items you are selecting. You can choose from just a basic tubing or rail if you would like to. Select the color that works for your home. On the other hand, you can select from various ornate detailing added to the edges and the top. You may also want to consider factors such as lighting. Did you know some manufacturers offer lighting built into the sides of the railings? This may be low voltage light including solar light.

Maintenance Long-Term

How much work will go into maintaining this system? If you use wood, for example, you will need to keep the surface protected from the elements year in and year out. You will also need to consider factors related to wear and tear. How will you clean off residue? Will it need painting on an annual basis or perhaps staining? Other materials, such as composites wipe clean. You can even use pressure washers on them to remove any ground in debris.

Sure, it may just seem like a deck handrail but this component of your decking system matters. Look for all elements, from the railing to the base material to be something that can contribute to the beauty and durability of the final product. You ultimately want something that is easy to maintain, is long lasting and adds the charm you are hoping for create in this space. You can find products that do it all.