Rise Elevator – Personal Accessibility to Any Home

The Rise elevator is one of the best selling models with excellent features incorporated for convenient daily usage. The Rise elevator allows convenient access to all levels of your home. Besides this, you can transport heavy items such as groceries, laundries or anything else between the floors.

Rise elevators are the perfect choice for all types of homes, whether they are new or existing ones. These elevators proffer quiet, smooth and dependable operation and easily transport people with limited mobility, ensuring them greater independence. Rise elevators can be used in multistoried buildings since they assist people to effortlessly access different floor levels.

Rise elevators from ThyssenKrupp Access are designed in such a way that they satisfy all safety requirements prescribed for residential use. Rise elevators are available in three different car sizes, and in eight different finishes in your choice of Melamine or wood veneer. The majority of the elevators require some kind of pit for the elevator hardware and conventional hardware. But a Rise elevator does not require one.

The main features of this elevator include:

o 2 to 5 stops
o Travels distances up to 50 '
o Load carrying capacity of 950 pounds
o Counterweighted chain drive or hydraulic drive
o Brass or stainless steel accents
o Automatic gate operator

Rise elevators are provided with many additional features such as Accordion car gate (s), wood handrail, two recessed halogen car lights, emergency stop switch, and digital floor position indicator, car operating panel and hall stations, automatic car lighting and more. The elevator cab comes in a wide range of configurations and sizes to suit your requirement. You can avail of the best quality Rise elevators of your choice, ranging from standard to custom designs.

The installation procedure of Rise elevators is easy and economical. By installing these elevators you can provide your dear ones with a safe, stylish choice for floor to floor access. At the same time, you can substantially increase the value of your home. If you want to make better use of the available space in your home, installing ThyssenKrupp Access Rise elevators is a good idea.