Rock Around Your Landscaping

Yards all over the world share the same look and feel. Many of them have the green grass, trees, and flowers in neat little flowerbeds. You do not have to go down this same landscaping road. There are many different things that you can use in your landscaping design to add beauty and interest. One of the materials not commonly thought of is landscaping rocks.

Sprucing Your Landscape
To begin your landscaping adventure, you need to remove all of the grass. If you do not use the green grass of your lawn, then why should you keep it? It only causes you more work. You can use a shovel or a tiller to help break up the soil and remove the rocks. This will also allow you to ensure that you have proper drainage for your plants and flowers or install an irrigation system to help cut down on your watering time.

Making Your Walkway Perfect
A walkway is a great thing to add to your home's landscaping design. It helps to enhance your home to have a separate walkway to your home. This will also help to keep your home clean by having a separate walkway so that your guests do not have to walk through your yard and bring dirt or debris into your nice, clean home.

You can easily use rocks or stone slabs to create a beautiful pathway to your home. Stagger the rocks or stones to help make the walkway safer and more secure. To add design and style to your pathway, you can make curves and bends.

Rock Stabilizing
To stabilize the rocks in your landscaping design, you will want to remove four to five inches of the soil underneath where you want to place the rocks. If you add a thin layer of gravel benefit each of the stones, this will help to keep your rocks stable for walking.

Adding Trees and Shrubs
Adding shrubs and tress to your landscaping plan will help add height and texture to your lawn. After you have planted your trees and shrubs, you can fill in the gaps using smaller flowers and plants. Adding perennials to your rock landscape will give the area color and visual interest. You can then use river rock to fill in the smaller gaps between the flowers instead of mulch.

Finishing Touches
To add the finished touches to your rock landscaping design, you can choose to include hanging plants or vines. Use the green vines to climb the porch or railing. This will give your landscaping more of a Tuscan feel. Creative stone features can also enhance your decorating design as well as statues. Choose the things that you enjoy for the perfect landscaping design for you and your family.