Rock Carpet As Driveway Pavement

Rock carpet flooring is also used as driveway pavement. It sounds like an “oxymoron” but its not. It’s the latest flooring for driveways of all shapes sizes and dimensions. Rock carpet is nothing like your ordinary driveway, in that it’s slip and stain proof to reduce tire slippage and unwarranted “burn-outs”. It’s dent, scratch, and crack proof so there will be no damage from continued tire traffic nor lose gravel from your travels. It’s finished with a resinous epoxy polymer, which leaves it waterproof and free from the possibility of future water damage or set in stains. It also has a particular shine that is uncommon to driveways.

Rock carpets have been a big hit for the modern design conscious property owner. When you drive into up scale neighbor hoods you will typically find driveways made of black top or clean fresh looking concrete. When you drive past a property owned by a design conscious owner, you’ll see rock carpet. Its functionality and versatility is unmatched by that of any other flooring &/or pavement type because you can custom design its color, pattern, depth, and overall look. It has been referred to as “little rock carpet”, “round rock carpet”, or “quarry Carpet”.

It can be installed on any driveway regardless of its shape and angle. Rock carpet does cost more than that of regular concrete but it is well worth the expense up front due to its durability and lack of required maintenance. Regular concrete and or black top requires cleaning, repaving, or cracking correction while rock carpet requires none of those.

Its endless options yet newness to the public have made it a very hot topic for both residential and commercial property owners. Its name is derived from its composition, which is many thousands of tiny rocks and stones primarily from North/South America and New Zealand. Passing by a property with the revolutionary rock carpet in the driveway will definitely turn heads and is a definite consumers best buy.