Rock Carpet – Best Kitchen Flooring

Rock carpet flooring is the absolute best flooring type for any kitchen floor. In most homes, kitchens are usually the busiest areas with foot traffic coming in and out, which requires a very strong and durable flooring surface. This is an your all-inclusive best answer to all your kitchen flooring needs.

It is slip and stain free so when you are cooking up a storm with or without friends and family, you don’t have to stop in the middle of meal preparation to clean up a spill. Its water and stain resistant composition prevents set in stains and from ruining its finish all while providing slip resistance.

Because kitchen flooring gets the majority of the repetitive foot traffic throughout your home, most home owners are constantly having to wet mop to maintain a shine or glossy appearance. Well, this is time consuming and no one likes to do it. That’s why the kitchen is perfect to have it installed in. There’s no waxing necessary as the high gloss epoxy polymers automatically maintain its superior look and shine.

Most kitchen visitors have on shoes with a heal of some sort, which over time can cause dents, scratches, and scuffs on conventional flooring like tile, linoleum, and hardwood, which causes the need for additional maintenance. Now, that’s all in the past. Rock carpet’s dense and durable make up provide protection from these types of flooring defects. Perfection is all you get with this revolutionary flooring.

If you’ve ever known anyone who had tile in their kitchen then you also know someone who has had to dig out dirt and debris from its crevices. That’s one of the most common complaints about tile. That and the fact that when tile gets wet, the grouting begins to rot. When the grouting rots, it starts to crumble and come apart which is obviously not the look any homeowner is looking for. With this all-new seamless and waterproof flooring A) you will not have to worry about digging out dirt and debris and B) you will not have to re-grout it because its seamless. I know, it sounds to good to be true but it’s not. This all-new flooring is gaining popularity by the day and no wonder; it’s perfect in every way.